School Readiness 

“Does my child have the skills needed for kindergarten”  Starting school can be a challenging and exciting time for both children and their parents. Many parents often think a lot about how they can best prepare their child for all the changes in routine and expectations that Kindy will bring.   If your child is getting ready to start Kindy, you may be … More School Readiness 

The paediatric OT job you don’t want!

By Michelle Newby, Clinical Director Stepping Stones Therapy for Children The Australian job market is booming right now! As an early career Occupational Therapist, it can be really tricky to know which is the right workplace for you! Most job advertisements look the same, with promises of fun and supportive workplaces. Guarantees of Continuing Professional … More The paediatric OT job you don’t want!

Sensory Modulation challenges and how Occupational Therapy can help

Written Tiarne Pendlebury, Associate Clinical Lead Occupational Therapist What is Sensory Modulation? You may think, what is sensory modulation? Well, this is something we are all required to do every single day! Sensory modulation refers to our ability to organise and regulate our reactions to incoming sensory information. What we know about sensory input, is … More Sensory Modulation challenges and how Occupational Therapy can help

Supporting kids through the COVID-19 crisis

Michelle spent some time talking with TMC Kids about how to support children through the current COVID-19 crisis. She spoke about:   Talking to kids about COVID-19   Strategies for getting through the day in isolation   Supporting home learning   Managing anxiety and worries   How mindfulness, movement and play can help  To watch … More Supporting kids through the COVID-19 crisis

Pincers, pegs & pirates: Developing hand skills

Lately I’ve been working with a 6 year old girl who finds using scissors tricky. She’s also struggling to hold a pencil properly for writing. It’s interesting how the two often go together. There can be many different reasons for having difficulties with scissors and holding a pencil skillfully, but one of the most common … More Pincers, pegs & pirates: Developing hand skills

Early Baby Play

As a child development specialist and a mum, I find myself forever fascinated with the many different ways that babies learn about the world around them. Our wee babies are forever busy using their senses of sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing to learn all they need to know about this brand new world they … More Early Baby Play

Looming Genius!

Looming seems to be the latest kids craze all around the world. If you haven’t discovered it yet, then check it out here. Basically, you have a looming board with pegs that you use to weave small elastic bands into many various creations, including bracelets, headbands and even mobile phone cases or little people! Back … More Looming Genius!