Preschool and School Aged Children

bigstock - classroomChildhood is an exciting time of rapid growth and development in all facets of life. For most children this process seems effortless and happens almost automatically. For other children, however, it is not so easy.

If your child has any of the following difficulties, Stepping Stones can help:

  • Difficulties using their hands skilfully such as:

    • Using a pencil/ messy handwriting

    • Poor scissor skills

    • Difficulties using a rulerbigstock - pasting

    • Difficulties opening containers etc.

  • Clumsiness/coordination problems such as:

    • Poor confidence with playground equipment or sports

    • Poor balance

    • Difficulties with ball skills

    • Difficulties riding a bike or scooter

    • Constantly tripping over or bumping into things etc.IMG_0298 - Copy (2)

  • Poor independence with daily life skills such as:

    • Getting dressed

    • Doing up buttons/ shoe laces

    • Using a knife and fork

    • Preparing age appropriate food (e.g.: buttering bread, making simple meals) etc.

    • Attending to age appropriate chores (e.g.: keeping their room tidy, making the bed etc)

  • Poor time management/organisational skills

  • Sensory processing difficulties that impact on behaviour and participation, such as

    • Hyperactivity/issues with attention

    • Fidgety behaviour that interferes with attention

    • Sensitivity to touch

    • Dislikes swings and other playground equipment.