What is PANS/ PANDAS?  PANS/ PANDAS* is a little known, but treatable, medical condition that looks like a psychiatric disorder. PANS/ PANDAS is said to affect an estimated 1 in every 200 children.  This means that P/P is not rare however, sadly for those affected it is rarely diagnosed. Children with PANS/ PANDAS experience a sudden … More PANS/ PANDAS

Not Eating That! Enticing Your Fussy Eaters to the Dinner Table.

Are you one of those parents that spends hours in the kitchen, lovingly composing new, interesting and nutritious meals for your wee cherubs; only to find yourself scraping it all into the bin 20 minutes after meal time, with barely a sniff of a carrot had? There is nothing more demoralising, right!? Kids can be … More Not Eating That! Enticing Your Fussy Eaters to the Dinner Table.

Early Baby Play

As a child development specialist and a mum, I find myself forever fascinated with the many different ways that babies learn about the world around them. Our wee babies are forever busy using their senses of sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing to learn all they need to know about this brand new world they … More Early Baby Play

Does crawling matter?

So what’s the big deal about crawling? Should you be worried if your baby decides to skip this particular milestone? As a paediatric therapist I see crawling as an essential developmental milestone, that shouldn’t be neglected. Crawling helps the two sides of your baby’s brain work together in a coordinated way. By moving the left … More Does crawling matter?