Toilet training

Is it time for toilet training? Toileting is an important milestone for children giving them a sense of independence. This can be a challenging time for parents, but you shouldn’t have to stress. Here are some tips to help guide you through toilet training. When are children ready to start toilet training? They are able … More Toilet training

Does your pre-schooler need to see an occupational therapist? 

Writing this blog post was quite difficult as I could talk about pre-school all day! It is my favourite environment to work in and such a special time in a child’s life. I love the playfulness, the constant chatter and noise and how these tiny people are trying so hard to prove that they can … More Does your pre-schooler need to see an occupational therapist? 

Teaching kids to get dressed using backwards chaining

Learning to get dressed can be a challenging time for parents and fashionably questionable time for children. Leaving the house in gumboots, tutus and mismatched socks a right of passage for most toddlers. What happens if getting dressed independently is particularly hard for children? For children who need some assistance getting dressed, a special technique … More Teaching kids to get dressed using backwards chaining


As a parent, you want to teach your child all the skills needed to make a friend, resolve a conflict, or ‘think before they act’. But before they can even achieve these social and emotional milestones, your child first needs to develop the foundational skill of self-regulation.  So what is self-regulation?  Self-regulation is our ability … More Self-regulation 

School Readiness 

“Does my child have the skills needed for kindergarten”  Starting school can be a challenging and exciting time for both children and their parents. Many parents often think a lot about how they can best prepare their child for all the changes in routine and expectations that Kindy will bring.   If your child is getting ready to start Kindy, you may be … More School Readiness 


What is PANS/ PANDAS?  PANS/ PANDAS* is a little known, but treatable, medical condition that looks like a psychiatric disorder. PANS/ PANDAS is said to affect an estimated 1 in every 200 children.  This means that P/P is not rare however, sadly for those affected it is rarely diagnosed. Children with PANS/ PANDAS experience a sudden … More PANS/ PANDAS