What is Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists (OT’s) are registered  health professionals who help people overcome difficulties or challenges in their everyday occupations. You might wonder what occupations your child has, and the answer to that is many! The primary occupation of childhood is play. Your child will spend many hours of the day engaged in different types of play activities, and during this time they are busy developing essential physical, sensory, social and cognitive (i.e. thinking) skills that lay the foundations for success in later life.

The importance of play in your child’s development cannot be overstated. Other childhood occupations include self-care tasks (e.g. feeding yourself, having a bath, washing your hair, getting dressed, doing up buttons and shoe laces etc.) and activities of productivity (e.g. kindy/school activities, handwriting, using scissors, doing chores etc.).

Stepping Stones OT’s are trained to assess your child’s performance in these areas in order to determine the specific challenges or barriers to success. Using this information the OT can then design a treatment program to meet your child’s individual needs. The OT will also work with you in order to help your understanding and to give you practical tools and advice that you can use at home.